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Aug 02 2006

Stradasicura... in inglese


reporting accidents

What is it?: it is a RESEARCH, STUDY AND ANALYSIS LABORATORY of journalistic information, statistical data, istitutional communication and of all criticism connected to the issue of road accidents/ safety on the road education in the provincial territory.

Aim: 1) to collect documentation and to emphasize projects and actions carried out by public and private agencies (database from 1995 to present days), about the issue of road safety in order detect critical points in the actions of the different agencies involved. 2) to work out an improving operational protocol, schemes and tools meant to achieve good practical skills in communicating road safety.

Target audience: professionals who deal with this topic, the school world, all citizens that want to deepen their knowledge of the topic, teachers who want to investigate the topic further in order to fulfil their role of trainers (private or public) and who are on the lookout for new material, new operative tools, a new way to draw on discussions and careful considerations, and motivating forces from different viewpoints.

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